Directory of the College


Administration & Economics

1976 – 2019

The nature of the College & the year of establishment

The College has been established in accordance with the decre No. 9 of the 14th special meeting to the Higher Education Research commission on 13/06/1976 .

The first College has been named as ” the College of administration ” at the University  of Sulaimanih province .

From the academic year 1976 – 1982 began the teaching activities at the faculty of Administration where also the subject statistics has been thought .

The University has been relocated to the prorince of Arbil in the academic year 1981 – 1982 .


First in the academic year 1989 – 1988 a new faculty ( faculty of economics ) which has been  renamed to the faculty of administration and economics . In the same academic year a new department and for higher education ( Master Degree ) within the faculty of Administration and Economics has been established .

In 1988/1989 the faculty of Accountancy has been established .

The College aimed to educate new generation in the area of Administration , Economics , Accountancy and statistics .

The department of higher education for Masters at the faculty of Accountancy closed down from 1992 to 1998 , because the Central /Government/Iraq  withdraw all of it,s administration departments .


The college of Administration & Economics in which the education for Masters degree stopped  during the period of 1995 to 1998 , began to admit students once again , after negotiation between the department of dean & the head of the University . Beside the Master degree which was planed for the academic year 1989 / 1999 , the faculty offered  a ph. D degree at the same faculty as well

To enable the vast majority of jony people to obtain suitable education , the university offers evening courses at the College of Administration & Economics since 2003 / 2004 and at the faculty of Accountancy in the academic year 2004 / 2005 .