English Language Department

About the English Language Department

The English Language Department at College of Basic Education is one of the leading and most demanding academic departments in the region. It was found in the academic year 2000-2001 but started offering courses in the academic year 2001-2002. It was after phasing out the teacher institutes and replacing them with teacher colleges (later named colleges of basic education). The prime aim was to enhance student teachers’ performance, upgrade the qualification of teachers, give a specialisation in an area to the graduates, and to meet the needs of a rapidly growing market.

The department offers both a four-year undergraduate programme and two- and three-year postgraduate programmes (MA & PhD) in both linguistics and applied linguistics. The teaching staff is committed to communicative and student-centred teaching setting; they have earned their degrees in TESOL, linguistics, applied linguistics and English literature.

The undergraduate programme of the department is carefully designed to prepare qualified basic-school-English-language teachers (grades 1 to 9) in which they are trained on advancing their English language proficiency, pedagogical strategies to teach young and adolescent learners, and assessment methods and procedures. Upon successful completion of the programme, they are eligible to become basic school teachers at both public and private schools.


English Language Department aspires to become the leading department in the country by setting pedagogical standards of excellence in preparing highly qualified ELT professionals (year 1-9), contributing to the intellectual development of the society, enhancing intercultural communication, and meeting the needs of labour market in aspects pertaining to foreign language learning and teaching.


English Language Department strives to offer internationally accredited undergraduate/ postgraduate programmes in English language pedagogy. The programmes basically try to foster students’ interest in such concepts as theories, methods, approaches and techniques of foreign language learning and teaching as well as concepts pertaining to educational assessment, evaluation, syllabus design, educational psychology. They also develop students’ language ability, critical thinking, critical analysis and academic research skills.

Department Aims

Upon the successful completion of the programme, students will be able to:

  • acquire knowledge of key issues and theoretical background of English language;
  • develop the ability of students to reflect on their own practice through integration and practice;
  • have knowledge and understanding of principles and implementation of procedures, activities and techniques;
  • bridge the gap between the native culture and English language culture;
  • become well-acquainted with concepts relating to education, foreign language learning and teaching, and forms of educational evaluation, testing, grading and examination, and how to put them into practice;
  • develop their receptive and productive skills;
  • and conduct researches in English language teaching areas.