Seminar in Biology Department

Dr. Sami Mohammed Mamand, from Erbil Polytechnic University, presented a seminar titled “CAR T-Cell Therapy, a revolutionizing cancer care” on Thursday 28/11/2019 in Biology department. The presenter gave an introduction about CAR T-Cell Therapy in general and the molecular mechanism of engineering T-Cell to CAR T-Cell . He talked about advantages of theses kind of […]

چالاكى به شى زمانى سريانى

به بونه ى ساليادى چواره مى كردنه وه ى به شى زمانى سريانى له كوليژى په رورده ،هه ر وه ها خه لاتكردنى قوتابيه يه كه مه كانى به شه كه مان ،و به خير هاتنى قوتابيانى قوناغى يه كه م . چه ند چالاكى ئه نجامدرا وه كو (كورالى شعر له لايه ن. ماموستا […]