Head of Chemistry Department
Name: –   Adil Hamid Ibrahim

Scientific certificate:-  M.Sc.

Scientific grade: –  Assistant Professor

Scientific specialization:- Chemistry

General Specialization :: Physical Chemistry

Specific Specialization :: Kinetics, Theromdynamics, catalyst


Home address: Bakhtyri, Erbil, Iraq Kurdistan

Educational qualifications :

B.Sc in chemistry, from University of Baghdad. 1976

Post graduate master degree in Photochemistry, from University of Baghdad.1979

Preparing to sustain my Ph.D  thesis at the  Polytechnic University of Timisoara (Romania),chemistry department.

Course Attended : From Technical University of Eindhoven ( T U/e Nederland )

Condensed course in Emulsion Polymerisation. Courses in automatisering ( The center of Professional education Nederland ) Courses in Nederlands Language (Nederland )  Participating in several scientific conferences and symposium

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor in Chemistry ( Physical chemistry ),University of Salahaddin- Erbil
  • Working in Research group in Polymer and Biochemistry to study the photochemical effect , and the effect of some plant constituents ( of caffiec acid and its derivatives) on gonadotropin hormones, University of Salahaddin.
  • Working in research group of polymer and coating technology . The polymer Encapsulation of Herbicides. And then the Pulsed Laser Polymerization technique, TU/e Nederland.
  • Chemical kinetics,Equilibrium and the effect of autocatalytic studies on the non and N-substituted  carbamoyl cyclic imides ( Polytechnical University of Timisoara, Romania ).

Area of research:   Chemical kinetics studies thermally and photochemically of plant constituents ( gibberellines, caffiec acids) and Microspheres,Microcapsules of Herbisides.


Academic Staff