English Department Activities for March.2022

  Weekly Presentation at English Department by Dr. Arev Merza Astifo on Monday 7th of March, 2022 / A presentation of a published research in the Journal of Tikrit University for Humanities, Vol.(28), No.(5) 2022.

 A weekly presentation was given to the English Department Teaching Staff on Monday 7th of March, 2022 by Dr. Arev Merza Astifo of a published study in the Journal of University of Tikrit for Humanities, Vol.(28), No.(5) 2022. Under the title of (Implementing Sociolinguistics Competence Teaching Strategies in Classroom Settings and Their Impact on Students’ Reading Behavior). Below is a brief account of the research:

In sociolinguistics studies, the concepts of sociocultural contexts and language differences can be covered. Wide knowledge of the language learning process, foreign or second language learning, sociolinguistics, linguistics, psycholinguistics, and basic knowledge of foreign language learning approaches and practices of assessment and evaluation have become increasingly important to understand the phenomenon. Sociolinguistics has recently become very essential and we have become aware of the role of language not only as a method of interaction but also as a designer of cultural identity. For teachers, sociolinguistics is an interesting and important region of language because it interacts with how to use and think of language in the actual world.


Spelling Bee Competition at Abdullah Addad Hall

A competition (Spelling Bee Competition) was organized by several English Department members for the first and a group of the third stage students on  Sunday 6th of March, 2022 at Abdullah Addad Hall. The Dean Assistant of College of Education Asst. Prof. Dr. Samir Jawdat Bilal also was present at the beginning of the event. Many English department teachers and a large number of students of all the stages attended the event. At the end of the competition certificates were given to the three top participant students. The first stage student (Ahmed Ali Muhammad) ranked the first top participant.

Organizing committee:

  • Rawshan Ibrahim Tahir Head of the department
  • Pakshan Ismael Hamad
  • Lecturer Rebin A. Azeez
  • Lecturer Rizgar Qasim Mahmood
  • Lectrer Nawsha Galib Sharif


English Department Football Team wins the Colleague League Cup

English department Second Stage students moved to the final match at the College League and won the cup on Sunday 6th of March, 2022 at the stadium of College of Education. The cup and the medals were awarded and distributed by the Dean of College of Education Asst. Prof. Dr. Saeed Omer Ibrahim and his assistant Asst. Prof. Dr. Samir Jawdat Bilal, and a number of other esteemed college teachers and administration members.  The match was also attended by many English department teachers, students and fans to enjoy and encourage the players.


Weekly Presentation at English Department/ Dr. Basima Othman Mahmood.

A presentation of a published research entitled “Infectional Changes of Double Marked Form” on Monday 28th of March, 2022.

A weekly presentation was given to the English Department Teaching Staff on Monday 28th of March, 2022 by Dr. Basima Othman Mahmood on “Infectional Changes of Double Marked Form”. the presentation was of a published research under the same title. Below is the abstract of the paper:

It is assumed languages of human beings are directed by rules; however, these rules have certain exceptions in the form of irregularities. A double-marked form in which the regular rule is added to an irregular form has been attested in languages of human beings and is considered as a type of irregularization in the morphological processing. It has been claimed that there is a correlation between this type of irregularization process and high word frequencies. The real rate and nature of these double-marked forms have rarely been documented. On the basis of data from the new linguistic corpus (WebCorp) which allows us to make refined searches given its wider range of searching possibilities, this paper investigates whether there is a correlation between these irregularization processes in the English verbal system and word frequency with the aim of addressing the research questions: Is there a relationship between irregularization with the type of double-marked forms and word frequency in current English? If so, are irregular verbs with high frequency irregularized more often than the ones with low frequency? To do so, word frequencies of 488 irregular verbs in the past and perfect were collected from the selected corpus. Then, word frequencies of their corresponding double-marked forms in both forms were collected from the same corpus. Descriptive and statistical analyses were conducted to test the importance of the difference in the results. The results of the data in this study suggested that there is a correlation between high word frequency and these irregularization processes. By considering the current irregularization processes in English verbal system, this study makes an attempt to provide an introductory source of analytical research of how linguistic information is mentally processed and represented by the human language faculty.

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