Special Education

Full name : Afrah yaseen mohammed al_dabbagh

Date  and place of birth : 1965 / Iraq-Erbil

Scientific Degree: Professor


*-Scientific Qualifications/Certificates

1- Bachelors degree : ( Biology )   …in Faculty of Education ,biology department at Salahddin University with an estimation of (good) which was ranked 3rd among the Department in (1986)

2- Masters degree : (Educational Sciences – Teaching Methods Of Sciences )  .. in Faculty of Education , Educational Sceinces & Psychology Department at Mosul University  in (1995)

3-Doctoral degree : ( Philosophy in Educational Technologies ).. Faculty of Education, Educational Sciences and PsychologyD at Mosul University in (2000)


*Educational Experiences :

I have taught a lot of subjects for students of primary and higher (graduate)  studies .

I have participated in a lot of conferences and workshops and was a lecturer many times during certain courses.

I discussed and estimated a lot of  masters and doctoral thesis’s approximately (62)ones.

I worked as a chair or member many times for a lot of  committees inside and outside the university.

I was a supervisor for a lot of masters and doctoral degree students , 14 students .

I do have already  20 published researches and others under processing  ..

And I have the intention to publish 2 scientific books that are processing and about to finish soon ..


Academic Staff