VESAL Conference: Educational Breakthrough to Success

VESAL Conference: Educational Breakthrough to Success

In order to enable the knowledge and information accessible to everyone, Tishk International University, Faculty of Education holds its annual conference on Educational Sciences and Applied Linguistics in collaboration with university of Salahaddin, College of Education for the 12th year. The International Visible Conference aims to gather researchers, practitioners, educators, and scholars with interests in any fields of teaching at all levels from around the world. The VESAL 2022 conference is designed to attract the research communities to promote connections between theory and practice and explore different perspectives on the application of research findings into different practices. We kindly welcome scholars coming from the international and local regions as well as teachers and prospective teachers to Erbil, Iraq. The VESAL 2022 conference aims to contribute to the region and educators through international experts and researchers. The VESAL 2022 conference plans to remain open to educational studies, language teaching and/or language-education related topics broadly defined, looking more closely into the current dynamics in the world between old and new trends, local and global tendencies, progressive and conservative views, stabilization and destabilization patterns, national and global identities It is expected that VESAL 2022 conference will be a magnet for a significant number of front-ranking academics, professionals and policy makers working in the broad areas of Educational Environment.

To develop highly qualified individuals who will contribute to the future of the country by making utmost use of the knowledge gained in fields of science, technology and arts in the light of universal values; offer learning opportunities in the fields of research, education and service for the benefit of the wider community

Number of participants: 250 participants

Number of accepted abstracts: 55 abstracts

Keynote Speakers: 4 keynote Speakers

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