Continuous Learning Unit (CLU)

CLU is one of the active units/centers in the college of engineering at Salahaddin
University as it meets the demands of the teaching staff, as well as technical and
service staff to the different types of trainings and workshops which in turn leads
to develop their working performance synchronizing with scientific and
technological development. As a result, it will increase the required skills for
quality assurance either in the teaching and service fields.
It is important to mention that the (CLU) is attending to working in cooperation
with all the relevant government’s sectors and departments, in order to know what
kind of skills are required in the real practical field. The college of engineering
through the CLU seeking to reflects the scientific energy into the real base through
submitting the training services to different sectors in the society with mainly
focusing on the skills.

Contact CLU unit:

Dr. Dleen (Head of CLU unit)