Sanitary and Environmental Laboratory

Sanitary and Environmental Laboratory
Sanitary and Environmental Laboratory is one of the laboratories in the Civil Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Salahaddin University-Erbil.
This Laboratory is used by the fourth year  students for the subject of Water Supply and Sewerage-Practical Part. In addition, postgraduate students, academic staffs, and researchers from outside carry out their works in this Laboratory. Furthermore, Sanitary and Environmental Laboratory participates with the Engineering Consulting Bureau works. Recently,  a number of instruments were purchased for this Laboratory such as Spectrophotometer DR 3900, Multi parameter, total count of bacteria, flame photometer etc. A number of researchers were carried out in this Laboratory and published in ISI Journals. 

The following works can be conducted in the Sanitary and Environmental Laboratory:

1) Water and Wastewater Tests:

2) Chemical tests for soil: pH, Sulphate, organic matter, gypsum, chloride, carbonate, and   bicarbonate.
3) Noise pollution.
4) Solid waste: Components, generation rate, and density.
5) Filter media characteristics for water treatment plant: Effective size, uniformity coefficient, loss in weight, and porosity.
6) Biological and adsorption treatment processes for wastewate