Head of Cinema and Theatr Department



                             Seerwan Muhammad Mustafa

Family Name (Surname): Khoshnaw-Zrdoshaw First Name: Seerwan Middle Name: Muhammad Mustafa
Home Address: Darwazay hawler – Iraq – Kurdistan-Region-Erbil
Postal Address: Iraq – Kurdistan-Region-Erbil- Salahaddin University – College of Fine Arts
E- mail: Seerwan.mustafa@su.edu.krd
Tel. No.: 0750 4482467


Date of birth: 12-04-1971 Place of birth: Erbil Female/ Male: Male
Married: Yes No. of Children: 2 Nationality Iraqi
Research field Music General Specialization Musicology Job title Assistant Lecturer
Field of experience Music Specific Specialization Information Technology in solfeggio Eastern Your native language Kur.
National Card No. / date Basic Salary 450,000 ID No. of years in Academic work. 9 Years
Civilian status identity card / date Passport No. / date of validation and expire Did you receive any land or House and were. Yes( Land)
Uersity IDniv     Do you live in Hawler? Yes


Academic work
Place Date of start Date of cut off
1.    MINISTRY OF CULTURE AND MEDIA – Erbil 1996 2009
2.    Salahaddin University – Erbil College of Fine Arts 2010 STILL PRESENT TIME


Academic Title
Title Date  
1 ASST. LECTURER 2015 مامۆستای یاریده‌ده‌ر


searcher’s Academic Attainments Type of Diploma University College Department Graduation Year Country/ Governate
 B-Sc Salahaddin University Fine Arts Musicology 2005-2009 Iraq-Erbil
M-Sc Salahaddin University Fine Arts Musicology 2012-2014 Iraq-Erbil


2. Computer knowledge/ Software:
Name of the Program
Type of the Program
Mac , Windows Pc Windows
MS. Office, Excel,power point, Finale , Sibelius, system Win, Dos. MS. Office, writing Music all program, Excel, Power point.


3- Language:
Language Writing Speaking
Fluency Good Fair Fluency Good Fair
Kurdish *     *    
Arabic *     *    
English   *     *  
Scientific and Academic Committees partaken:
2- Curriculum development Music department 2- ئەندامی لیژنەی پەرەپێدانی پرۆگرام  زانکۆ
3- Chairman of the Scientific Committee of department 3- سەرۆکی لیژنەی زانستی بەشی موزیك
4- Curriculum of the  Examination committee 4- ئەندامی لیژنەی تاقیکردنەوەكان
 Assignments and Posts
1- Associate Dean of the College ١- یاریدەدەری ڕاگر 2016-2017
2- Head of Music Department ٢-  سەرۆکی بەشی موزیك 2015-2016
3Head of Music Commission of teachers. ٣-   سەرۆکی لیژنەی مامۆستایانی بەش 2015-2016
4- Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the department ٤-   سەرۆکی لیژنەی زانستی بەش 2015-2016
5- Chairman of Health and Safety Committee 5-  سەرۆکی لیژنەی تةندروستى وسةلامةتى 2017-2018
Subject under Teaching
1- practic violin پراکتیک ڤیۆلین 5- organologyزانستی ئامێرەکان
2- Music Contrapoint Science کۆنتەرپۆینت 6– Information  Technology   زانیاری تەکنۆلۆژیای
3- Music Theory تیۆرەکانی موزیک 7- Studio Music ستۆدیۆی موزیک
4- Ensemble کۆژەن 8- Principles of Composition بنەماکانی موزیک دانان   


Presented Thesis
Title of Thesis Place of Submit Date of submitting
Dwarozheki nadiar MINISTRY OF CULTURE AND MEDIA – Erbil 1999
Shirina sawza salahaddin University 2012