About us

College of Science was founded in 1968 in Sulaimania City as a first college at Sulaimania University. It started with undergraduate studies awarding B.Sc. degree in (Biology, Chemistry ,Physics and Mathematics)in 1976 the Geology Department was founded. Later, in December 1981 College of Science was moved to Erbil City and its name changed to Salahaddin University recently in 2007 new department of Environmental Science established.Postgraduate studies, started with M.Sc. degree in Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics, while in 1978,the departement of Physics started M.Sc. degree since the begning of 1986 M.Sc. dgree in geology has begun , the Ph.D dgree in Biology and Chemistry were first started in 1992 and later for geology and physics in (1998 and 2002 respectively). The college is committed to offer a high qualityprograms at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. the graduates of Scince college will participate in developing different fields during Their future carrier e.g working in hospital , clinical laboratories , oil companies and other industrial establishments, Also, the college is dedicated to train intermediate and high school teachers.