Avin jamal abdullah

Abstract       In the present work, the stopping powers of alpha particle energies from near threshold energy to 10 MeV for light elements (37Li, 511B, 613C, 818O, 919F, 1022Ne,  1123Na, 1430Si) and medium elements (2145Sc, 2452Cr, 2657Fe, 2862Ni) have been calculated using the Zeigler formula.       The cross-sections of the nuclear reactions 37Li(a,n)510B, 511B(a,n)714N, 613C(a,n)816O, […]

Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed

    Study of Heavy metal Accumulation in Soil and Some Plants in Erbil Governorate     SUMMERY This study was conducted during dry season (October and September) 2015 to wet season (January and February) 2016, to study heavy metal accumulation in two plant species used for this purpose. Samples of topsoil and leaves of […]

Basud Mohammed Rasool

Proposed High Data Rate Coherent Optical OFDM WDM RoF System for Long Haul Transmission   ABSTRACT      The continuous demand for internet traffic has powered the increment in a claim for bandwidth and high data rates, using Radio over Fiber. This thesis focuses on the establishment and performance analysis of high data rate coherent optical […]