Chemistry 3rd Grant

The Third Grant for improving chemical security conditions at Chemistry Department- Salahaddin University-Erbil, the first investigator is Dr. Azad Faizullah, the second one is Dr. Rostam Rasul, the third one Mr. Najat Zaid, and the 4th investigator is Dr. Rebwar omer, All from Salahaddin University- Erbil, the project must be accomplish on November 1, 2018

Agreement Number: 64157





Some pictures of the chemistry department before applying the Grant


Photo 1: The corridorofchemistry department

The Labs need the fire alarm and camera security for the main Doors.

Photo 2


Part of the laboratories for the undergraduate studies is located outside the main doors of the Chemistry department, which also needs fire alarm and camera security (outdoors) besides digital locks to be more secure.

Photo -3


Electrical wires and Boxes that needs repair inside and outside the Labs.

Photo -4-


Entry and exit doorswhich needs digital locks.