Computer Science Seminars and Workshops

Date: 10-11 / April / 2016

Title: Opening New Branches in the Department of Computer 

Science and Information Technology.


The workshop was aiming to provide better organization of course structure to keep pace with the 

education arena and to keep up to date with international standards.

It was a 2-Day workshop, covering two main Programs:


First Day Program: (Sunday 10/April/2016)

12:00- 12:30: It started with the speech by (M. Dler S. Hasan) the head of department. It was about 

renaming the department and opening new branches.

12:30-1:30:  By Dr. Sarah B. Aziz: it was a debate about updating the syllabuses of the first and second 



Second Day Program: (Monday 11/April/2016)


11:30-11:45: Welcome speech by M. Dler S. Hasan. 

11:45-12:15: Web Development branch presentation by M. Shakhawan H. Mahmood.

12:15-12:45: Information Systems branch presentation by Dr. Haider A. Haddad.

12:45-1:15: Communications and Networking branch presentation by M. Zanco A. Taha.

1:15: Lunch