Biology Department

Biology department was established in Sulaimaniyah 1968. At the beginning it composed of two branches, from third year, Botany and Zoology. Since 1994, branches were converted to General Biology and Microbiology; but in (1999) these two branches were emerged into one branch. In 1976 postgraduate studies was established by opening Master of Science in Microbiology, Animal Physiology, Plant Pathology and Ecology.

The biology Department is a four-year study that awards a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Students learn through a combination of lecture, laboratory and seminar courses. Required core courses in the sciences include all fields of Microbiology, Medical Microbiology, Biochemistry and other Life Science courses: Genetics, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Physiology, Zoology and Botany.

The Department of Biology is committed to educate students in the principles of biology through structured inquiry and opportunities for individualized experiential learning. It is also committed to teaching ethical behavior in experimental design and practice to all of our students. The department’s instructional program is one of the most diverse and active at the University of Salahaddin of Science and Health. Upon finishing, the graduates pursue careers in research or health care or the academia.

Our graduates should be able to work at different sectors of community, especially in medical laboratory hospitals (both in diagnostic and research laboratories) as well as vaccination units and biotechnology. Our graduates are also well qualified to work at quality control centers (for analyzing different agents such as; water, food, and drugs), control and prevention of endemic and infectious diseases.


Personal details:

Name: Dr. Fikry Ali Qadir

Degree: Ph.D.

Scientific title: Asst. Prof.

Specific Specialization: Immunology

Official e. mail:

Personal e. mail:

Date of Birth        01-06-1975 –   Erbil

Date of First appointment: 10/10/1998


1994-1998                   B.Sc in Biology

Department of Biology / College of Science/ University of Salahaddin

2000–2003                  M.Sc. in Food Microbiology

Department of Biology / College of Science/ University of Salahaddin

2003–till now              Lecturer in Department of Biology

2005–2009                  Ph.D. in Immunology

Department of Biology / College of Science/ University of Salahaddin

No. Name Scientific Title Specialization Email
1 Dr. Fikry Ali Qadir Assistant Professor Immunology
2 Dr. Almas Mohammed Rashed Mahmod Professor  Endocrine physiology
3 Dr. Falah Mohammed Aziz Professor  Cell biology
4 Dr. Fraidoon Abdulqadr Salih Assistant Professor  Medical bacteriology
5 Dr. Abdul-Ghnay Omer Ismaeel Assistant Professor  Plant physiology
6 Dr. Dilshad Ganjo Ahmed Assistant Professor  Limnology
7 Dr. Narmen Rafik Hamad Assistant Professor  Parasitology
8 Dr. Bushra Karim Mohammed Amin Assistant Professor  Biotechnology
9 Dr. Bahaddin Salih Hamed Assistant Professor  Soil microbiology
10 Dr. Ismail Mustafa Mawlood Assistant Professor  Animal physiology
11 Dr. Edrees Mohammed Ameen Assistant Professor  Animal physiology
12 Dr. Sarbaz Ibrahem Mohammed Assistant Professor  Hematology
13 Dr. Shireen Abdulkarim Amin Assistant Professor  Plant physiology
14 Dr. Lana Sardar Salih Assistant Professor  Embryology
15 Dr. Hero Mohammed Ismael Assistant Professor  Mycology
16 Dr. Sherwan Taeb Ahmed Assistant Professor  Invertebrate Zoology
17 Dr. Abdulkarim Yaseen Karim Assistant Professor  Biotechnology
18 Dr. Taban Kamal Rasheed Assistant Professor  Immunology
19 Dr. Mudhir Sabir Shekha Assistant Professor  Animal physiology
20 Dr. Chnar Najmaalden Fathulla Assistant Professor  Plant Anatomy
21 Dana Faeq Hoshyar Assistant Professor  Food microbiology
22 Jamal Mohammed Aziz Assistant Professor  Mammalian physiology
23 Inaam Ahmed Mustafa Assistant Professor  Histology & Embryology
24 Fareed Matti Toma Assistant Professor  Mycology
25 Pakhshan Mustafa Maulood Assistant Professor  Plant physiology
26 Daristan Jamal Ghareb Assistant Professor  Medical bacteriology
27 Rezan Kamal Ahmed Assistant Professor  Parasitology
28 Akhter Ahmed Ahmed Assistant Professor  Medical bacteriology
29 Hana Hashm Mohammed Assistant Professor  Entomology
30 Qaraman Mam Khidr Ahmed Assistant Professor  Parasitology
31 Dr. Yaseen Ahmed Rasheed Lecturer Plant physiology
32 Dr. Ardalan Ahmed Sulayman Lecturer  Plant tissue culture
33 Dr. Sarkawt Hussen Muhammed Lecturer  Entomology
34 Dr. Ari Qadir Nabi Lecturer  Molecular Microbiology
35 Dr. Abbas Burhan Qadir Lecturer  Animal physiology
36 Dr. Kareem Khoshnaw Hamad Lecturer  Parasitology
37 Dr. Dimen Aula Aumer Lecturer  Molecular Microbiology
38 Dr. Dara Khorshed Mohammed Lecturer  Cell biology
39 Dr. Treska Salih Hassan Lecturer  Parasitology
40 Dr. Zana Rafeq Majeed Lecturer  Animal physiology
41 Dr. Hedi Ahmed Hassan Lecturer  Public Health
42 Rezan Aziz Mustafa Lecturer  Entomology
43 Yadi Omer Mustafa Lecturer  Phycology
44 Sawar Ibraheem Maulood Lecturer  Organic chemistry
45 Musa Ibrahim Taha Lecturer  Mycology
46 Firas Khalid Qasim Lecturer  Animal physiology
47 Badr Qadr Ismael Lecturer  Plant physiology
48 Pakhshan Abdulla Hassan Lecturer  Medical bacteriology
49 Nareen Qadir Faqi Lecturer  Mycology
50 Sayran Ahmed MohammedAmin Lecturer  Microbiology
51 Mohammed Ali Saleem Lecturer  Genetics
52 Abdulilah Saleh Ismaeil Lecturer  Food microbiology
53 Hawzheen Karim Othman Lecturer  Animal physiology
54 Srwa Jama Rashed Assistant Lecturer  Genetics
55 Mahdi Hashm Ibarahim Assistant Lecturer  Plant physiology
56 Fenk Sherzad Hussen Assistant Lecturer  Invertebrates
57 Trefa Salih Mohammed Assistant Lecturer  Molecular Biology
58 Twana Haseeb Abdulahad Assistant Lecturer  Animal physiology
59 Mukhlis Hamad Aali Assistant Lecturer  Molecular Biology
60 Shang Ziad Abdulqader Assistant Lecturer  Histology & Embryology
61 Neven Nawzad Rajab Assistant Lecturer  Microbiology
62 Bnar Khalid Bakr Assistant Lecturer  Plant Taxonomy
63 Khder Hussen Rasul Assistant Lecturer  Cell biology
64 Shahnaz Burhan Ali Assistant Lecturer  Microbiology
65 Peshraw Salih Hamadamin Assistant Lecturer  Molecular Biology
66 Abu-baker Sulaiman Ismael Assistant Lecturer  Virology
67 Ashraf Najeb Kako Assistant Lecturer  Immunology
68 Natheer Jameel Yaseen Assistant Lecturer  Genetics
69 Fairuz Hassan Abdullah Assistant Lecturer  Molecular Biology
70 Rozhgar Abdullah Mohammed Assistant Lecturer  Molecular Medicine
71 Niga Othman Hamaameen Assistant Lecturer  Microbiology
72 Nasreen Jalal Mohammedamen Assistant Lecturer  Applied Biomolecular Technology
73 Ala Jalal Ahmed Assistant Lecturer  Microbiology
74 Govand Musa Qader Assistant Lecturer  Genetics
75 Shawnm Musher Maaroof Assistant Lecturer  Genetics
76 Fattma Zrar Mohammed Assistant Lecturer  Ecology
77 Darya Mohammed Azeez Assistant Lecturer  Comparative Anatomy

Biology Department Activities