Mission and Vision

College of Science which was first established in Sulaimania City, North East Iraq in 1968, was part of Sulaimania University. It has been through several rejuvenation processes. It started with four departments: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. In 1976, Geology Department was founded. Later, in 1981 College of Science has moved to Erbil City, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan Region and became part of Saahaddin University. Now, College of Science consists of six departments: Geology, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Sciences (opened in 2007) which award B.Sc. degree in the above specializations. The study in this college is free of charge on undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Our vision, according to the University’s objectives, is to be an active College of Science serving science and community.

As an established college at Salahaddin university, the College of Science now plays an important role in providing our establishments with graduates serving the community in different fields and even transforming ambitious science students into postgraduate levels (M.Sc’s and Ph.D’s). Undergraduate study programs are well ahead giving solid background in different fields of study and developing scientific attitudes. The well experienced staff members transfer Knowledge and skill to the students using the latest effective teaching and learning techniques using up to date facilities. The College is also offering postgraduate programs in various fields of basic and applied sciences. Eventually, these postgraduate programs lead to furnishing qualified scientists in their chosen fields.

Annually, our staff members participate in local and international conferences or symposiums. They also publish hundreds of papers in local and international journals. Due to the rapid progress witnessed in Kurdistan region, our college is determined to do its best to catch up with such a progress.