(Teacher Trainees)Workshop

Workshop for Fourth Stage Students (Teacher Trainees) of English Department on Teaching Sunrise (Schools English Curriculum)

A workshop was organized for Fourth Year students of English Department in Abdullah Haddad/College of Education on Wednesday 13th of October. Based on the results obtained from a research paper conducted last year and our teachers’ experiences, a workshop has been held to address the problem. The workshop is entitled “Understanding and Implementing CLT in teaching Sunrise”. The overarching goal of the workshop is to shed lights on the principles of this approach and train the student teachers to implement these principles throughout a module lesson.

The nine principles being applied throughout the tasks found in a practical lesson presented by a professional Supervisor of English language in the ministry of Education. In addition, the gaps and the lacks of the previous visiting to school to evaluate the 4th year students were elaborated. The workshop ended with the recommendations and students’ questions.

The presenter were:

Dr.Rawshan Dizayi            Head of English Department

Dr.Asma Brime                    Lecturer at English Department

Mrs Fatimah Abdullah      English Supervisor at Ministry of Education

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