Swot Analyses

Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
examines the It opportunities afforded by the public-funded initiatives for investment in the water industry,

-and considers the threats related to the destruction and degradation of freshwater ecosystems and climate change, and the difficulties of developing and nurturing a workforce that is willing to tackle these problems in a sustained and meaningful fashion.

– The sustainable management of water resources is a pressing social issue of global concern, and it is argued that we must face the future fully aware of the vital importance of solving the complex problems involved.

Admission based on the great and mostly not related to the student desireto study in a specific field.

-Lack of motivation due to unclear future prospective.

–  Weakness in communication skills.

–  Weakness in basic scientific knowledge requirements.

–  Spoon feeding education culture of pre-university level.



-Rapid population growth, land-use changes, and perhaps global climatic change are among the factors that will place further demands on an already stressed global fresh-water supply and influence career directions of new water resource professionals

– Depending on the employer, water resources job opportunities involve resource assessment, resource development or utilization, or resource protection.

Storm water hydrology and hydraulics

Watershed assessment and planning

Urban flood risk and floodplain management

Flood protection and resilience

Low impact development/green infrastructure

Preparing project scope and fee proposals

The trend for increasing admission numbers without adequate logistics.

Reduction in the ratio of quality students.

Lack of public awareness of engineering quality and standard.Industrial growth slowdown and difficulty in finding employment.


Isolation from the related industry and community needs