The Remote Sensing Lab operates within the Spatial analysis, Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing group of the Institute of Applied Mathematics of FORTH (Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas). The Lab concentrates in the field of Earth Observation and its area of research is the study of environmental phenomena and problems. Understanding Earth system processes, as well as their interaction effects of the manmade activities is recognized by the global scientific community as an urgent and important research direction. Observing the Earth using Remote Sensing is a non-invasive, non-destructive method of obtaining information. Remote Sensing can be used for monitoring changes in the Earth’s climate and environment, because it offers a unique perspective of the Earth, its resources and human impact upon it. Earth Observation is a fast-growing area of research, with technological advances leading to smaller satellites with improved instrumentation, spatial/spectral coverage and resolution, as well as to enhanced airborne hyper-spectral sensors, unmanned aerial vehicles and ground systems.