Ahmed Ismael Alauldeen

Ahmed Ismael Alauldeen

College of Engineering :: Architecture Engineering

General Specialization :: Architectural Engineering

Specific Specialization :: Theory of Architecture

Area of interest: Contemporary Trends in Architectural – Architecture Theory

Academic Qualifications:

  • 2009 – Msc.   – University of Salahaddin –Erbil(SUE)
  • 1998 – Bsc.    – University of Salahaddin –Erbil(SUE)

Employment Experience:

From 2004 till now in University of Salahaddin –Erbil(SUE)

Proffecional  Qualification/ Membership/Affiliation:

Kurdistan Engineers union / Erbil ID No. 962

Research Interest:

  • Architecture Design
  • Contemporary Trends in Architecture

Teaching Experience:

  • Architecture Design
  • Architecture Theory
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