Dr. Jehan Muhammed Fattah
Head of department

I will live each day as though I had all the power and influence necessary to make it a perfect world. Through listening to and serving others, I will learn new ideas and gain different perspectives. I will strive to gain mastery over life’s challenges through increasing my circle of influence and de-emphasizing those areas of concern over which I have no control.

I had earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Building and Construction Engineering /water resource engineering from Technology University /Baghdad/Iraq in 2004, a Master of Science in Hydraulic engineering from Baghdad University in 1997 and a Bachelor of Science in Water Resource Engineering from Baghdad University in 1986.

I had been involved with the academic community since 1992 and  have more than 25 years teaching in public ,local and international  private universities. Have more than 6 years working as site engineer in different fields.

Acting as Chair of Dam and Water Resources Engineering,

  • Ph. D Degree in Water Resources Engineering (Remote Sensing) at Building and Construction Dept.- University of Technology- Baghdad in 2004
  • M. Sc Degree in Hydraulics at Irrigation  and Drainage  Dept.-College of Engineering  University of Baghdad in 1997
  • B. Sc. Degree in Engineering Science  – Irrigation  and Drainage  Dept.-College of Engineering  University of Baghdad in 1986

Based on my long experience  around 25 years in teaching and around 5 years working as site engineer. I BELIEVE  that Teaching, research, and public service are the main missions of university faculty. Successful teaching cannot be reduced to a set of general rules, or a prescribed pattern of behavior. Some students can and will learn in spite of bad teaching some students will not learn even with the best teaching

       The instructor ability to teach should be judged on the basis of student learning.

  • Creating or selecting teaching methods & evaluation strategies
  • Strategies to encourage desirable & discourage undesirable student behavior
  • Making learning goals clear to students
  • Encouraging students to extend their thinking, and think about their own values and future plans.”
  • Good learning, like good work, is collaborative and social, not competitive and isolated.
  • Using instructional time wisely
  • Creating classroom environments that promote fairness
  • A healthy relationship between the teacher and students is essential to successful teaching.”
  • Remember that students can teach you
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