Dr.Mohanad George Rassam

Dr.Mohanad George Rassam

College of Engineering :: Architecture Engineering

General Specialization :: Architecture Design 

Specific Specialization :: urban design

  • Computer Skills (Microsoft Access, Powerpoint, Excel, Publisher, Word), Word Perfect, WP Presentations, Internet, Windows 2000.
  • Fluent in speaking, reading, and writing English, Arabic and Kurdish.

I graduated (bachelor degree) from Mosul university at 1984 then started work as junior architect for 3 years, by 1987 ه ي987ect for 3 years 4 then started as juner I had been appointed as engineer in university of Salahaddin until 1991 then started my master degree graduation in university of technology which completed by 1994 then continued work as lecturer assistant 1994-2000 in university of Salahaddin.

I started my PHD studies by 1998 till 2004 in university of Baghdad when I got the title of lecturer in university of Salahaddin till now.

I have continues practices in construction fields concerning design and projects executions.

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