Dr. Muhammed Tahir Muhammed
Head of department

College of Engineering :: Mechanical Engineering

General Specialization :: Mechanical Engineering

Specific Specialization :: Welding Metallurgy

  1. Bachelor of Science- BSc;
    Mechanical Engineering Department – Salahaddin University Erbil1999
    Ranked No.1 among 40 students.
    Master of Science MSc;
    Mechanical Engineering Department – Salahaddin University Erbil2002
    Master of Science with honor in the field of material science and production engineering
    Doctor of philosophy PhD;
    Mechanical Engineering Department – Salahaddin University Erbil2009
    Awarded PhD degree in welding Metallurgy for working in the field of friction stir welding

Dr. Mohammedtaher M. Saeed Mulapeer was born in Akry city in 1974. He received his B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering in 1999 and the M.Sc. degree in production engineering in 2002 and he awarded the PhD degree in welding metallurgy in 2009 from the mechanical engineer dept. of the university of Salahaddin-Erbil. His research area is focused mainly on welding metallurgy, and development of polymeric materials. He is currently teaching Eng. Metallurgy for second year students and Testing Technologies to master students at the mechanical engineering department. He is expert in material testing and he is a top consultant in Kurdistan region regarding polymeric construction materials and he is very active consultant in this area through the engineering consulting bureau of the college of engineering.   

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