Kamal Hamadameen Sheikhyounis

Kamal Hamadameen Sheikhyounis

College of Engineering :: Electrical Engineering

General Specialization :: Power Engineering

Specific Specialization :: Electrical Circuit Analysis

Ph.D. In Electrical Engineering (Major: Power Engineering), 1991, Moscow     Energetic Institute, Thesis Title: “Control of Symmetrical Components of Unsymmetrical Voltages of 6-10kV Networks”

M.Sc. In Electrical Engineering, 1980, Belarusian Polytechnic Institute, Minsk, Belorussia,1980.

Diploma, Electrical Engineering, Moscow Energetic Institute,1978.

Baccalaureate, Shaqlawa Secondary School, Erbil-Kurdistan, Iraq.

Personal Details:

Name: Kamal Hamadamin

Family NameSheikh Younis

Date and Place of birth14 February 1953, Shaqlawa-Iraq

Title: Assistance Professor

Material Status: Married, Three Children

Home Address: College of Engineering Residential Houses-16

Kirkuk Street, Erbil, Kurdistan Region-Iraq

Tel. +964(066) 2260853

Mobile: +964(0750) 4512603

E-mail: younis@ieee.org


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