Mr. Sanaa Yousifahmed Aljorani

Mr. Sanaa Yousifahmed Aljorani

College of Engineering :Geomatics (Surveying) Engineering
General Specialization : English Language and Linguistics
Specific Specialization :  Phonetics

Computer skills


  • BA (2000) English Dep./ College of Arts/ Baghdad University
  • MA (2005) English Dep./ College of Education / Diyala University


  • From 2008 – till now

Title: A Lecturer

I am working at Salahaddin University/ College of Languages at the English Department as a lecturer and teaching university students many subjects within English language and linguistics like phonetics, phonology, grammar, conversation, composition, communication and others. within this period of time, I taught English for first year students at the college of Management and the College of Agriculture as part of the my university program to develop academic English of its students.

  • From 2005 – to 2008

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Company: Diyala University/ College of Basic Education

After finishing my MA study in 2005, I taught English language and linguistics for university students at the English Department.

  • From 2001 –to 2005

Title: Translator

Company: Diyala University/ College of Basic Education

I worked as a translator at Diyala University / College of Basic Education in two departments for one year and then I finished my MA study from 2002 till 2005. I worked at the scientific Magazine that is issued by the college itself and also at the department of the Higher Studies and the Scientific Research.

  • The subjects that I taught :
  • I taught all the subjects related to English language and linguistics at the English departments
  • Now I am teaching General English For 1st year students at the accounting department.
  • The number of researches that I had accomplished (2)
  • The languages :
  • ( Arabic ) ( The mother language )
  • ( Kurdish ) ( Good )
  • ( English ) ( Excellent )
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