Nazik Jamal Abdulhamid

Nazik Jamal Abdulhamid

College of Engineering :: Architecture Engineering

General Specialization :: Architecture Design

Specific Specialization :: Interior Design

IRAQI Engineers Union /Baghdad – ID. No. 71416.

Kurdistan Engineers Union/Erbil – ID. No. 3008.

Kurdistan Teachers Union/Erbil – ID. No. 18229.

Nazik Jamal Abdul Hamid is an academic, researcher; she currently lives in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq and is working as a lecturer in the Department of Architecture at Salahaddin University-Erbil. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture at Mosul University in 1993 and completed Master of Science degree in Interior Design at Salahaddin University with a research entitled “The Impact of Furnishing Visual Characteristics on the Perception of Interior Spaces’’.

Nazik’s research interests basically focus on color communication in building façade, color communication in interior spaces, Sustainable in interior design, Interior landscape, and spatial organization in interior spaces especially in Hospitals and Hotels design, spatial communication in office buildings, and Masjid design.

she has published a research paper in Zanco Journal entitled “Evaluation of the Prayer Hall Proportions for Masjids in Erbil City. The Masjids Built Between “1980-1989” and “2000-2015” as Case Study’’ and participated with the same research in academic conference Salahaddin University First International Conference of Engineering and Innovative Technology -2016.

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