Dr.Reem Abdulhakim Alrawi

Dr.Reem Abdulhakim Alrawi

Reem Abdulhakim Alrawi
College of Engineering : Water Resources Engineering
General Specialization : Environmental Engineering

Water and wastewater analysis, MS office, Researcher

Currently I’m a lecturer in Dams and water Recourses Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Salahaddin University

After I finished my bachelor study in Chemical Engineering (Al-Nahrain University 1996), I had the chance to work in Baghdad University as a part time lecturer for three years.

During my Master’s study in Environmental Engineering (Baghdad University 2003), I completed my MSc research in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Minerals for one year and I acquired a good experience about wastewater treatment and reuse treated wastewater. After my master I had practical experience in treatment of water and wastewater.

During my PhD study in Environmental Technology (Universiti Sains Malaysia 2012) I gained working ability to work independently in labs and also the use of advanced laboratory instruments. Due to this, I possess good knowledge in water and wastewater analysis and biological, physical and chemical treatment. I was also fellowship holder for three years.

I have many published articles in international and national journals and conferences that related with environmental fields in general and in specific with water and wastewater treatment and biogas production. And I also reviewed many papers in international and national environmental journals and conferences.

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