Salahden Ghareb Kadr

Salahden Ghareb Kadr

General Specialization: Architecture

Specific Specialization: Environment, Energy saving and Architecture Design

1989-1994    I worked as architecture student in several Architecture offices in Berlin-Germany

1995             As architect by Architecture office Prof. Juergen Boeker in Berlin-Germany

1996             As architect by Schwoerer building industry in Blumberg – Berlin-Germany

1997             As architect by Architecture office of Schwoerer Rigkamm in Berlin-Germany

1997-1998    Qualification in CAD-Programs (see FURTHER EDUCATION)

1998-2002    Self-employment as Architect in:

                      Architecture office ASA-ARCHITECTS and

                      Construction office: AKO-BUILDING-CONSTRUCTION in Berlin-Germany

2003              Architect at the architectural office of Prof. Juergen Boeker in Berlin-Germany

2004              Residing in Arbil – Kurdistan Region – Iraq

2004-2005     Self-employment as office head in Bano-Architecture office in Arbil-Kurdistan

2005-2006     As architect by Zueblin international GmbH in Arbil, Kurdistan-Region, Iraq

2006-2013     Working as a free architect in Berlin-Germany, beside my PhD thesis

                      Design of German – Kurdish Private Hospital in Duhok – Iraq, constructed.

17.07.2006    Registration of the promotion intention and beginning of the dissertation work at

                      the faculty of Planning-Building-Environment (Architecture Department),

                      TU-Berlin – Germany.

09.06.2010    Academic discussion and the completion of the doctoral thesis/ PhDs Degree in 

                      Architecture/ Climate & Energy Responsive Architecture Designer.

2013-to date  Lecturer in Architecture Department/ College of Engineering/

                      Salahaddin University/ Arbil – Kurdistan Region – Iraq

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