Sweyda Abdulllah Aziz

Sweyda Abdulllah Aziz
Assist lecturer

BSc in Architecture/University of Salahaddin/2012

M.Sc. in Architectural Design/University of Salahaddin/2017.

Name                    :   SWEYDA ABDULLAH AZIZ

Birth Date            :   01/07/1989              

Place of Birth      :  MERGASOR

Degrees                :   B. Sc in Architecture/University of Salahaddin/2012

                                  M.Sc. in Architectural Design/University of Salahaddin/2017.

Professional Title: Lecturer’s Assistant

Professional Careers: Kurdistan Engineers Union/Erbil – ID .No. 10956.

Education: B.Sc. Architectural engineering 2012, Architecture Department-University of                                           Salahaddin

                    Master of Science in Architectural Design /University of Salahaddin/2017.

*Academic Experience since 2012 in Architectural Department /Collage of Engineering/University of Salahaddin .

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See More in My [C.V]

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