Zenab Kassim Majid

Zenab Kassim Majid

College of Engineering :: Architecture Engineering

General Specialization :: Architecture Design

Specific Specialization :: Design – Interior Design

Skilled Architect & Interior designer with broad experience in the design industry combined with a strong solid base in academia. Having a background in architecture has made me excellent at juggling multiple tasks and working under pressure with 8 years of experience. Areas of expertise include: Design in general, Interior Design, Architecture and Team working. As a designer I strive hard to understand the needs of my clients and students and to be able to come up with designs that inspire as well. I work with the principles of space planning and psychological aspects to create well considered spaces that allow people to truly relax in them. Working within the industry thus allowed me to have a broad spectrum view on how my designs impact on others.

 Zenab K. Majid is an Architect/Designer & Assistant Lecturer at the Architecture Department with broad experience  in the design industry,   combined with a strong solid  base in academia. Having a  background in architecture has  made her excellent at juggling  multiple tasks and working  under pressure with 8 years of  experience. As a  designer she strives hard to  understand the needs of her students and clients and to be  able to come up with designs  that inspire as well. She works with  the principles of space planning  and psychological aspects to  create well considered spaces  that allow people to truly relax  in them. Having worked within the  industry over the years has allowed her to  have a broad spectrum view  on how her designs can impact on  others.


  • Areas of Interest IncludeMultidisciplinary Design Innovation, Design Management, Interior Design, Complex Structures, Steel Structure, Roman Architecture, and Archaeology. 


  • Currently Exploring: The interior work place design and its impact on employee’s performance. Under Progression research paper in collaboration with Ms. Nazik Jamal Abdulhamid, Assistant lecturer at Architecture Department.
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