Groundwater Hydrochemistry and Hydro morphometric Analysis of Pirmam Area, Erbil, Kurdistan Region/ Iraq


Sixty-two groundwater samples were collected to evaluate chemical and physical analysis. Most of groundwater in the study area is meteoric and the kind of water for both periods is bicarbonate. Groundwater samples are suitable for drinking because all parameters are under permissible limit except Sardka well which have high nitrate concentration above permissible limit. The water samples are acceptable for irrigation and do not cause harmful effects on crops except two water sample (Darbandi Gomaspan well and Gomaspan well) which they can used and adversely affected crops that were susceptible to salt, and suitable for irrigation purposes according to SAR ratio and low hazard.

The result of chemical analysis of groundwater samples of both periods on the piper diagram shows that the most of sample in the Pirmam area/ Erbil region represent the groundwater as alkaline and occurring bicarbonate sulfate, and chloride, the water sample of Sardka well not suitable for drinking due to high concentration of No3 and the water for Darbandi gomaspan and gomaspan well which were not suitable for irrigation due to high EC value.