Physics Department

The Department of Physics at College of Science is a large dynamic teaching and research centre in the Kurdistan region. The Department of Physics is committed to high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and to good scientific research. It provides a friendly and exciting learning environment that helps to bring out the best of intellectual skills of our students. 

Such a large dynamic department, currently, has around 70 permanent academic and research staff, around 10 postgraduate students, and around 350 undergraduate students. Each year around 100 young people join the department undergraduate courses. They receive a high-quality education in modern physics from academic staff that have good knowledge in the areas of current excitement in physics.

The Department of Physics has a good reputation for its research activities, particularly in solid-state physics, material physics, and nuclear physics. Many of research from the Department have been considered as being internationally quality.

During the last few years, a new and modern building has been provided to Physics. Currently, it has been started to construct new study areas, teaching laboratories, a new and stylish library, and many other facilities.    


Name: Dr. Mohammed Issa Hussein

Specialty: Nuclear Physics

Scientific Title: Lecturer

Website: Mohammed | Biography (

Physics Department Activities