Computer Science and IT Department

Computer Science Department was established in 1999 in College of Education. In general, it is intended to prepare individuals with a strong mathematical, scientific, or technical background for entry into the computer science field. 

The department will ensure that students graduate knowing the fundamentals of Computer Science. 
We will be an excellent department as measured by the:
1- Provide excellent undergraduate and graduate education in a state-of-the-art   environment,
2-  preparing students for careers as computer scientists in industry, government and academia;
3- Advance theoretical, experimental, and applied computer science through nationally and internationally recognized research by faculty and students; and
Support society by participating in and encouraging technology transfer.
4- Excellent preparation of our graduates for leadership in the profession and in higher education.

Since 2003, over 1000 students graduated with B.Sc.

  • Head of CS & IT Department

Dr. Dler Salih Hasan

  • Specialty:  Machines and Robotics

Subjects Taught :

  • Computer system , Robotics , System Analysis and Design , Database , OOP,

Research Supervised:

  • Bulding a Robotic Hat to guide blinds
  • Designing a new application for central admission to Kurdistan Universities
  • Designing a dynamic On-line Guide for Erbil City
  • Computer Aided Learning to English Studies
  • Online/Ofline distributed database system for Central Admission

Research papers:

  • Computer Aided Calculation of Diffusion Data
  • Modernization Internet System in Kurdistan Region

CS & IT Department Activities