conference & Workshop

ئەنجامدانی وورکشۆپی ( ژینگە پارێزی ئەرکێکی مرۆڤ دۆستانەو نیشتیمانیە ، بۆ فەراهام کردنی ژینگەیەکی تەندروست بۆ نەوەکانی داهاتوو)


یەکەم وۆركشۆپى مه‌تڵه‌ب بۆ ئاستى سه‌ره‌تايى و ناوه‌ندى

The International Conference on Applied Science, Energy and Environment (ICASEE) is entering its 6th year of successful organization. The 6th ICASEE in 2019, will be organized and managed by the College of Education of Salahaddin University and Education Faculty of Ishik University. The conference is now becoming a considerable brand and improving year by year. On the light of above and for future perspective of further visibility and wider broad of participation.