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About College of Education Shaqlawa


College of Education/ Shaqlawa was founded to be an extension part of College of Education in (2013-2014) at Salahaddin University. As teaching is one way to impact the world for the better in November 2014, by a ministerial order College of Education/ Shaqlawa was established to fulfil its scientific and educational goals. College of Education/ Shaqlawa is made up of Physics, Biology, Arabic, Kurdish and Physical Education departments.  It offers pivotal opportunities for its students to elevate their scientific levels and raising standards of educational qualities. Assist. Prof. Dr. Sardar Peer Khidhr was appointed as the Dean of the college in 2014.  Since that time, he has put all his educational and scientific energy to enable the college to fulfill its scientific and educational goals as well as provided his best support to all the academic staff which lifts their spirits to work together as one group and motivated them to accomplish their scientific goals.