About English language Department

English Department

About English Language Department

English department is of the founding departments of Salahaddin University/ College of Education/ Shaqlawa in 2022.

The English Department specializes in producing versatile and imaginative students with the strong interpretive and communication skills needed for today’s changing world. 

Undergraduates have the opportunity to acquire fundamental writing skills, to learn about the powers of argument and analysis, and to see the big picture of literature’s development from the Middle Ages to the present. Our graduate programs bring together ambitious and talented students with a faculty who is actively reshaping the boundaries of knowledge in the Humanities and beyond. Students who major in English become critical readers, clear writers, and flexible thinkers. Through studying literature and culture, by writing and speaking, students in English classes develop their voices, expand their thinking, and deepen their imaginations. Our majors also find that their classroom experiences, which emphasize analysis and working through ideas and arguments, sharpen their ability to work with others and listen to them.

If one asks “What can I do with English major?” The simple answer: whatever you want.