College of Languages
The college of languages is one of the Salahaddin University colleges established in 2005; previously, it used to be part of the college of arts.

From that time onwards, the college has played an influential role as an academic institution and has formed deep connections with other countries through the means of language. Language along with contemporary progress and valuing one’s homeland, mother tongue and the
pursuit of knowledge is an open door to students.

This college currently consists of seven departments, listed as follows in the order of their foundation year: Kurdish language (1971), Arabic language (1976), English language (1985), Persian language (1998), French language (2004), Turkish language (2008), German language (2011) as well as the Language Translation Consultative Bureau

The college of languages has continuously tried to form scientific connections with universitites around the world such as the University of Leipzig (Germany), French universities, Iranian universities, Turkish universities, the Ain Al-Shams University in Egypt, and the Al-Hashmi University in Jordan. Another achievement of the college of languages is that it acted as a bridge between academic and cultural centers and the people. In the past one or two years, multiple
activities have been brought cultural centers to the college of languages to benefit and sophisticate our students and community.