Preparing efficient staff in Arabic language in order to able to communicate in Arabic language, as well as boosting linguistic competence and motivating academic research in Arabic language and literature. It aims at upgrading the level of graduates in writing and speaking in Arabic language.

 The department’s objectives are to:-

1- Prepare efficient lecturers in Arabic language
2- Improve student’s ability in technology, an employing it in learning Arabic language.
3- Being part of serving the society and constant learning by organizing training courses,
scientific workshops in Arabic language.
4- Train students on how to conduct academic studies.
5- Apply Bologna system according to department rules and regulations.
B- In Higher Education
1- Prepare proficient researchers.
2- Enriching department’s library with academic studies and research.
3- To establish translation center form Arabic to other languages and vice versa.

Developing department’s purposes:

Arabic language department attempts to develop the process of studying according to plans and
expectations which are :-
1- Enriching the department’s meetings using reports.
2- Encouraging to conduct the seminars via:
A- Preparation
B- Seminar announcements
C- Inviting professional presenters
D- Discussing latest researches
E- Registering seminars
3- Committing to the university yearly study plan which has been confirmed by ministry of
higher education, as well as following studying system according to weekly subjects and
4- Supervising the department’s monthly exams and proving exam tools and materials.
5- Participating in seminars and conferences through encouraging teachers. The instrures
are required to write reports on the activities they are involved in, and provide the
department with the reports in order to published on college’s website.
6- Students research project
A- preparing a plan for the fourth year students.

B- Completing the research projects meeting the deadline.
C- Forming scientific committee for discussing the research project according to the
rules and regulations
7- Activating the department’s committees and registering them.
8- Establishing the department’s library with crucial resources.
9- Organizing and managing cultural seasons.
10- Meeting with other departments.
11- Preparing a draft that includes the plans of B.A grade and higher education studies.
12- Arranging seminars to assist higher education students to choose latest subjects.
13- The idea of supervising the higher education students in their first year for preparation
which can help them to select new topics and subjects.
14- Motivating students to create posters.
15- Awarding the top students.
16- Helping the newly enrolled students.
17- Committing to the system of quality assurance.