Head of Music Department

Curriculum Vitae

I.Personal data

  Name:  Dlawer Mustafa Muhammad

  Gender:      male  

  Adress:   Hawleri nwe,  Erbil, Iraq

  Mobile phone No.:   0750 445 63 82

  E-mail Adress:  dlawer.muhammad@su.edu.krd

  Academic title:  Lacturer

  Job:  Heads of Higher Education at College of Fine Arts

  Place and date of birth: Erbil, 1959

  Marital Status: Married

  Duration of employment: 13 years


  • PhD in Medical Anthropology, University of Zurich – Switzerland 2009
  • Master Degree in Social Anthropology, University of Zurich – Switzerland (Equivalence: Masters degree University of Zurich 20005 )
  • Bachlor in Anthropology, University of Zurich 2000
  • Graduated from Kurdistan Preparatory School, Erbil, 1976

III. Summary of employment and experience

–      Head of Department, Koya University  2009-2014

–     Lecturer at University of  Koya  2006-2009

–     Working on PhD research and thesis  2003-2008

IV. Researches and publications

The water conflict and the kurdish issue  (published in English 20014)

–  Students belief toward illness causation  (published in English 2015)

–  The Role of Mudic on the Human Health (published in kurdish 2017)

–  Traditional kurdish Medicine and illness behavior  ( PhD Thesis, 2009)

–  Political persecution and Integration  (Master Thesis 2005)

V. Credentials  or  professional  training

–   Participation 3 weeks training course in Germany organized by DAAD

–   PC- Basic-Course/ EB Wolfbach / Zurich          (Feb. 1999)

–   Participation in the course of teaching methods (1.11.2009 – 10.1.2010)

VI. Language knowledges

–    Mother language                                    Kurdish

–    Very good in writing and speaking         Arabic

–    Fluent in speaking and very good in writing German

–    Very good in speaking and writing      English