The Dean

Curriculum Vitae


Personal Data:   Assist Prof. Dr. Nariman Abdullah Khoshnaw

First/ Name, Nickname & Date of Birth 

  • Full name: Nariman Abdullah Kareem Khoshnaw
  • 18 MAR 1978
  • Erbil

 Second/ Academic Degrees

  • Bachelor Degree / Academic year 2001 / University of Salahaddin / College of Education / Kurdish Language/ Grade Good.
  • Master Degree/ Academic Year 2006/ University of Baghdad / College of Education (Ibn Rushed) Kurdish Language/ Grade/Very good.
  • PhD / 2012/ University of Koya/ College of Education/ Kurdish Language/ Very good.

 Third/ Academic Title

  • Assist Teacher – 2007 / University of Salahaddin – College of Basic Education.
  • Teacher – 2009 / University of Koya / College of Education – Qaladze
  • Assist Prof. 2015 / University of Salahaddin – College of Basic Education

 Fourth/ Thesis name

  • Master / Passive voice – Comparative study betwixt Kurdish & Arabic Languages.
  • PhD / Kurdish Standard Language.

Fifth/ Employment & Service

  • Employment date 15 SEP 2001
  • Work commencement date 10 NOV 2001
  • Work type & duration of calculated service: Vocational / (8) years, (10) months & (8) days.
  • Total career service & Calculated service: (26) twenty-six years, (6) months & (18) days until 20 JUL 2019.


Sixth/ Journalistic, Administrative & Academic posts

  1. Outside University
Location Year Post
The Journal of Linguistics 2009 – hitherto Editor
Linguistics Organization 2010 – hitherto Deputy Editor in Chief
Kurdistan Press Syndicate 2004 – hitherto Active Member
International Press Syndicate 2011- so far  Active Member
Iraqi Translators Association 2004 – so far  Active member
Media Journal 2004 –  2005 Writers Union
Peshkawtin Journal 2008 – 2009 Editorial Secretary
  1. Inside University
Division or Department Location Post
Scientific Affairs Section University of Salahaddin /College of Basic Education Division Officer
Kurdish Language / Evening Studies University of Salahaddin /College of Basic Education Head of the Department


 Seventh/ Research published in scientific and academic newspapers

Research title Journal name Publication place Number & publication year
Correction of some used words in Kurdish language Koya University Journal University of Koya
Year 2009 
PP. 63-84 
Adverb in the poetic court ( Forty year war) by Sabah Ranjdar El-Ustadh Journal University of Baghdad – College of Education – Ibn Rushed No.87
Year 2009
Mathematical linguistics El-Ustadh Journal University of Baghdad – College of Education – Ibn Rushed
Year 2010 
Language for the next day University of Koya Journal University of Koya
Year 2014 
Dialectical Geography Kulliya Journal University of Baghdad
Year 2013 
Bajalan  known as the shabak Languages   PP.200-223
The meaningful relations in the poetry of Goran – anti meaning by sample Gormiyan University Journal University of Garmiyan
Year 2013 
Goran in language , Garmiyan University Journal Garmiyan University Journal University of Garmiyan
Year 2014
Hawrami Dialect in Kurdish language Garmiyan University Journal University of Garmiyan
Year 2014
Some sides of psychological linguistics Garmiyan University Journal University of Garmiyan
Year 2015
Language policy – Concept & actions Kurdish Academic Journal Kurdish Academy
Year 2018

Eighth/ Participation of conferences

  • Member of the Preparatory Committee, supervising and recommending the scientific conference in the Kurdish language that was held on 19-22 SEP 2011 and organized by the Ministry of Culture and Youth for the Kurdistan Regional Government.
  • Member of the Preparatory Committee and Supervision of the Scientific Conference on the Use of the Kurdish Language on 22-24 SEP 2012, organized by Rapareen and the Directorate of the Sulaimaniya Culture.
  • In rendezvous with the Kurdish poet (Goran), with a commentary under titled (meaningful relations in the poetic collection of Goran-anti meaning by sample) I have participate, and was organized in Sulaymaniya on 11/28/30/28/2012 and under the supervision of the Directorate of Activity and Literature.
  • My participation in the Fourth Hawraman Festival held on the 29, 30, & 31 MAR 2013 organized by the Hawraman Cultural Center.
  • Participation in the second scientific conference of the Kurdish language betwixt cultural duty & scientific duty. In addition, member of the higher committee which held on 24-26 SEP 2013 in the city of Qlaladzee.

Ninth: Participate in teaching and discussion of MA and PhD researches

  1. My continued lectures in higher education to this day, that consists of: Linguistics theory, practical linguistics, the science of the sentence & Co-linguistics.
  2. My participation of five Master thesis discussion to the day, with these addresses:
  3. Agreen Shawkat, Translation to Kurdish Language (1970-1974) in the southern Kurdistan, university of Salahaddin- College of Basic Education as supervisor in 2016.
  4. Kalthum Khalid, Juristic Language in the courts of Kurdistan region (Erbil courts as example), university of Salahaddin, college of basic education, as member 2016.
  5. Bashdar Abdulrahman Azeez, representing conversation in the form of different language in the political statement, university of salahaddin, college of basic education, as member in 2017.
  6. Sharmeen Rasul Ahmed, basics of Grice coordination in the social relations (Middle Kurdish), University of Kurdistan- College of Basic Education, as member in 2017.
  7. Talan Abdullah, Friday sermon, Erbil cities’ Mosques as example, University of Salahaddin – College of Language, as member in 2017.


  1. Scientific achievements
  • My publication of (60) books in the field of Language, literature & History:
  1. Kurdish Grammar – first edition 2009, second edition 2010, third edition 2011, fourth edition 2012, fifth edition 2013, sixth edition 2015.
  2. Passive voice, first edition, Shahab Printing house 2007, second edition, Rozhhalat Printing House 2016.
  3. Some linguistics subjects, Azad Hawrami Printing 2007.
  4. Linguistics- first folio 2008.
  5. Linguistics – 2nd folio 2008.
  6. Linguistics – 3rd folio 2008.
  7. Linguistics- 4th folio 2009.
  8. Linguistics – 5th folio 2009.
  9. Linguistics – 6th folio 2009.
  10. Linguistics – 7th folio 2010.
  11. Linguistics – 8th folio 2011.
  12. Kurdology – first, second, third, fourth, fifth editions 2010, seventh edition 2011, eighth edition has printed by the Ministry of Education, and prepared as the program of IT, Sport & arts institutions, eighth edition 2012, ninth edition 2012, tenth edition 2013, eleventh edition 2013, twelvish edition 2013, thirteenth edition 2014, fourteenth edition 2015, fifteenth edition 2016 & sixteenth edition in 2016.
  13. Kurdish Alphabets in Latin & Arabic letters (Translation) -2009.
  14. Symbols and significance from the stories of Farhad Perbal-2009.
  15. The Ottomans – from the state foundation to the coup against the caliphate (Translation) – first edition 2010, second edition 2011 & third edition 2013.
  16. Kirkuk in documents (Translation) – 2007.
  17. General English (Translation) first edition 2010, second edition where title changed to Awer English Language 2013.
  18. Linguistic Schools (Translation) – 2008.
  19. Half decade of scientific life for Prof.Dr. Awrahmani Haji Maref, 2008.
  20. Ramzi Nafih, Erbil’s librarian for Kurdistan Independence, 2008.
  21. An Introduction to Linguistics (Translation) – 2010.
  22. An Introduction to Pragmatics & Semantics (Translation) – 2010.
  23. Academic Kurdish Bibliography – 1st part – Language – 2010.
  24. English Grammar / North Kurmanji & Middle Kurmanji 2011.
  25. Syntax – 1st edition 2011, 2nd edition added & corrected and printed in 2013.
  26. Language & Accent – 1st edition 2012, 2nd edition 2013, 3rd edition 2016.
  27. Phonology – 1st edition 2012, 2nd edition 2013.
  28. Linguistics, 1st,2nd, & 3rd edition -2009,
  29. Linguistics, 4th, 5th, 6th, & 7th edition- 2010.
  30. Kurdish standard language – 2013.
  31. The Official Languages Law in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq – 2013.
  32. Teaching the letters of the Kurdish language -2013.
  33. Socrates- Translation – 2014.
  34. Aristo – 1st teacher, translation 2014.
  35. An Anthem for Kurdistan – Awer Center -2015.
  36. Kurdish Grammar – North Kurmanji, Rozhhalat Printing, Erbil, 2015.
  37. Learning Arabic Language, Hevi Printing House -2016.
  38. Applied Linguistics, 1st edition, Hevi Press, 2016.
  39. Research curriculum, Hevi Press, 2016.
  40. Applied Linguistics, 2nd edition, Hevi Press, 2016.
  41. Writing and punctuation, Rojhalat press, 2016.
  42. Theory & Language curriculums, Rojhalat press, 2016.
  43. Modern linguistic trends from Saussure to Chomsky, Rojhalat press, 2016.
  44. Modern Linguistics’ Schools, Rojhalat press, 2016.
  45. Phonetics, rojhalat press, 2016.
  46. Course in general language, Hevi press, Erbil/2018.
  47. Applied Linguistics, 3rd edition, Hevi press, Erbil/2018.
  1. Articles 
I have printed more than 360 articles and researches in the magazines & newspapers of Kurdistan & Iraq. 

Eleventh: Languages 
Lang. A: Kurdish 
Lang. B: Arabic 

Twelvish:  Cell phone & E-mail address 
Korek Cell phone no. +964 750 494 7787 
P.S. E-mail:
Uni. E-mail:   
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