The Vice Dean

ASST. LECTURER:  Rezan Othman Mustafa


Rezan Othman Mustafa.

-Born in 1970 Koysngak.

-Studied the elementary, intermediate and high-school in the city of Koya.

-Graduated from the Central Teachers institute – Department of Fine Arts (198 – 1990).

-Graduated from the Salahaddin University – College of Education (Department of Kurdish Language )(1998 – 1999) Erbil.

-Got a Master Degree in Kurdish Literature from College of Languages /University of Salahaddin-Erbil (2008) and the scientific title ( Lecturer)in (2017).

-Has scientific researches published in scientific journals in Kurdistan Region – Iraq and outside country.

Participated with 13 scientific researches in different Scientific Conferences in Kurditan Region – Iraq and outside country.

Collection of articles and stories published in local magazines in Kurdistan Region – Iraq.