Weekly Seminar

Seminars of Environmental Science department 2016-2017

No. Teacher name Seminar Title Time Date
1 Dr. Seraj Muhamad Abdulla Quality and hygienic status of main sewage channel of Koya Town-Erbil, KRG. 10:00 23-11-2016
2 Dr. Seraj Muhamad Abdulla Water Quality and Physiological Parameters of Common Carp Fingerling Fed on Jerusalem artichoke Tubers. 10:15 23-11-2016
3 Dr. Seraj Muhamad Abdulla Determination of Heavy Trace Metals in Different Fish Species from Derbendikhan Lake, Kurdistan Region. 10:30 23-11-2016
4 Dr. Seraj Muhamad Abdulla Using of Liptocitro as a growth promoter on common carp Cyprinus carpio L. 1758 reared in cage culture 2016. 10:45 23-11-2016
5 M. Abudlqader Musher Yunis Quality assessment of various bottled – water and tap water in Erbil City- Kurdistan Region of Iraq. 10:00 20/12/2016
6 M. Abulqader Musher Yunis Impact of sewage water on growth of Eucalyptus camadulensis Dhen. and Melia azaderach L. seedlings. 10:30 20/12/2016
7 M. Fars Zedan Jarjis How to create site. 10:00 26/1/2017
8 M. Nihal Sahel Hana Why do we care about aquatic insects? 10:30 26/1/2017
9 M. Jamal Kamal Muhamad Amen Effect of sand and gravel mining on water quality and biodiversity in Klak Subdistrict. 10:00 12/2/2017
10 Dr. Mustafa Sabr Mustafa Evaluation of X chromosome aneuploidy of azoospermic and sever oligospermic patients in Erbil City / Iraqi Kurdistan Region 11:00 13/2/2017
11 Dr. Mustafa Sabr Mustafa Protective effects of selenium and/or melatonin against cadmium chloride induced chromosomal abberations in swiss albino mice Mus museulus BALB/C. 11:30 13/2/2017
12 Dr, Dilshad Azeez Darwesh Combination Effects of Different Levels of Compost and Phosphorus Fertilizer on Yield and Phosphorus Requirement by Wheat. 10:00 19/2/2017
13 Dr. Yahya Ahmad Shexa Assessment of Water Quality and Trophic Status of Duhok Lake Dam 10:30 19/2/2017
14 Dr. Dilshad Azeez Darwesh Application DRIS equations to assess the nutrients’ status of different lakes in Kurdistan region -Iraq. 11:00 19/2/2017
15 M. Jinan Jabar Toma Study algae and fungi interaction in some artificial open sand mine ponds in Kalak sub-district, Duhok, Iraq. 10:15 21/2/2017
16 Dr. Yahya Ahmad Shexa Evaluation of Water Quality for Greater Zab River by Principal Component Analysis/ Factor Analysis 10:30 21/2/2017
17 Dr. Mustafa Sabr Mustafa Computational analysis: Effect of Apebec3 family gene on liver proteins. 11:00 21/2/2017
18 Dr. Muhamad Farhad Molecular genetic effect of natural isolated falconries from medicinal plants on prostate cancer cell line. 10:30 21/2/2017
19 Dr. Muhamad Farhad Evaluation of antimutagenic activity of some polyphenol bioactive components on kidney cancer cell line. 12:00 21/2/2017
20 M. Fars Zedan Jarjis Climate change. 10:30 26/2/2017
21 Dr. Nashme Saaed Xzir Soil Fungal Population Study Related to Oil Pollution along Different Distances From Kawrgosk Oil Refinery of Erbil-Iraq. 10:30 4/4/2017
22 Dr. Nashme Saaed Xzir The toxic waste. 11:00 4/4/2017
23 M. Nihal Sahel Hana Assessment of Water Quality for Zar Galistream, Bekhal (Maran) and Khalan Rivers within Erbil, Iraq 10:00 18/4/2017
24 M. Shakar Jamal Hawez Composite production.  9:30 24/4/2017
25 M. Tablo Abdulrahem Bacteria and fungi isolation.  10:00 24/4/2017
26 M. Sakar Abdulqader Saaed Mycorrhiza. 9:30 25/4/2017
27 M. Hala Rahman Qader Phytohormon Auxin. 10:00 25/4/2017
28 M. Hala Rahman Qader Bioremediation. 10:30 26/4/2017
29 M. Sakar Abdulqader Saaed Small pox. 11:00 26/4/2017
30 M. Shakar Jamal Hawez Soil respiration and the relation to carbon cycle in the environment. 11:30 26/4/2017
31 M. Jamal Kamal Muhamad Amen Visual Pollution. 10:00 2/5/2017
32 Dr. Nashme Saaed Xzir Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxicants. 11:00 2/5/2017
33 M. Saman Xabat azadeen Radioactivity Measurement of Nuts and Seeds Available in Erbil City Markets. 9:00 3/5/2017
34 M. Jinan Jabar Toma Study the efficiency of some water treatment unit that present in houses in Erbil city -Iraq 9:30 3/5/2017
35 M. Fars Zedan Jarjis How to create Google site. 10:00 3/5/2017
36 M. Jamal Kamal Muhamad Amen Air Quality in Rural Areas. 10:30 3/5/2017
37 Dr. Libni Ahmad Vitamin D deficiency. 9:30 4/5/2017
38 M. Saman Xabat azadeen Assessment of Radiation Dose Due to Ingestion and Inhalation of Radon  in Erbil Governorate Drinking Water Resources Using CR-39 Nuclear Track Detector. 10:00 4/5/2017
39 M. Jamal Kamal Muhamad Amen Freshwater Zooplankton: An introduction & Their Role In Aquaculture. 11:00 4/5/2017
40 M. Jamal Kamal Muhamad Amen What is rural pollution & how to control it? 9:00 7/5/2017
41 M. Nihal Sahel Hana Macro-invertebrates as indicator of water quality. 9:30 7/5/2017
42 M. Hala Rahman Qader Transpiration. 9:45 7/5/2017
43 M. Nihal Sahel Hana Oil and grease in water. 10:30 7/5/2017
44 M. Shakar Jamal Hawez Important of limestone in our life. 10:45 7/5/2017
45 M. Sakar Abdulqader Saaed Factors affecting phosphorus availability. 11:00 7/5/2017
46 M. Nihal Sahel Hana Biological control. 9:30 9/5/2017
47 Dr. Libni Ahmad Plant electricity. 10:00 9/5/2017
48 M. Saman Xabat azadeen Assessment of Radioactive Level in the Oil drilling Wells in Erbil Governorate Blocks. 10:45 9/5/2017
49 M. Saman Xabat azadeen An Investigation of Activity Concentration of 238U, 232Th, 137Cs and 40K Radionuclides in Drinking Water Resources in Iraqi Kurdistan Region-Erbil. 9:20 10/5/2017
50 M. Fars Zedan Jarjis Eutrophication of fresh water: two case study. 10:00 10/5/2017
51 M. Jawan Xzir Rahman Bermuda Triangle and its important. 10:30 10/5/2017
52 M. Jawan Xzir Rahman Impact of phytopharmacological of castor bean (Ricinus communis L.) plant. 11:00 10/5/2017
53 M. Jawan Xzir Rahman Sleeping of animals. 9:30 16/5/2017
54 M. Jawan Xzir Rahman Indoor pollution. 10:00 16/5/2017
55 Dr. Libni Ahmad Enviromental PH effects on denitrification of soil bacteria and their transcriptional genes. 10:00 17/5/2017
56 Dr. Nashme Saaed Xzir Bioaccumulative Effect of Cadmium Chloride on the Organs of Albino Rats. 10:30 17/5/2017
57 M. Shelan Mustafa Xzir Praying Mantis. 11:00 17/5/2017
58 M. Shelan Mustafa Xzir Water pollution. 11:30 17/5/2017
59 M. Abudlqader Musher Yunis Graphpad Prism Program. 9:30 18/5/2017
60 Dr. Libni Ahmad Waste energy. 10:00 18/5/2017
61 M. Tablo Abdulrahem Personal cycling. 10:30 18/5/2017
62 M. Jawan Xzir Rahman Measurement and evaluation. 11:00 18/5/2017
63 M. Jawan Xzir Rahman Effect of Pb on plant growth. 11:30 18/5/2017
64 M. Lanja Omar Tahir Health and safety in the laboratory. 10:00 21/5/2017
65 M. Lanja Omar Tahir The impact of cigarette smoking on human and environment. 10:30 21/5/2017

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