The new generation of ionic liquids

سيميناری ئۆنلاين  The new generation of ionic liquids: A suitable platform for synthesizing nanoparticles له‌ رۆژى دوو شه‌ممه‌ به‌روارى 04/01/2120 و به‌ به‌كارهێنانى سايتى ( يه‌كه‌م سيمينارى ساڵى 2021 ‌ پێشكه‌شكرا له‌لايه‌ن به‌رێز پ.ى.دعزيز عبدالله عزيز به‌و ناونيشانه‌ى كه‌ له‌ سه‌ره‌وه‌ ئاماژه‌ى پێكراوه‌. بابه‌تى سيميناره‌كه‌ په‌يوه‌نديداربوو به‌ نه‌وه‌يه‌كى نوێ له‌ شله‌ى ئايۆنى كه‌ بريتيه‌ له‌ […]

A weekly online presentation in English Department

A weekly online presentation was given to the English Department staff by Lecturer Alan Anwar Hassan, a staff member at the department, on Thursday 24th of December on the differences between Seminar, workshop, symposium and conference: Seminar is a small group discussion that provides opportunity for knowledge integration at high level. A seminar tends to be held […]