1- Invest in, promote, and advance research areas in three categories

-Targeted strategic areas with existing competitive advantages: energy, robotics, petroleum and geotechnical, petrochemical industries, building materials research, and clean water.

-Signature research areas to address key global challenges: biomedical engineering, clean energy, resilient infrastructure, and advanced manufacturing.

-Information technology to provide the nation with stronger foundation for all nation building activities.

2-Obtain large externally funded research centers.

3-Realize and foster a collaborative, interdisciplinary, and creative research environment.

4-Increase research productivity through building research groups.

5-Promote excellence in research by recruiting and supporting high-quality graduate students.

6-Hosting postdoctoral scholars abroad.

7-Increasing visibility of research outcomes via publishing in high impacted journals.

 Research at Engineering college

Currently consists of eight scientific departments, they are :

  1. Department of Civil Engineering
  2. Department of Electrical Engineering
  3. Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
  4. Department of Architectural Engineering
  5. Department of Software and Informatics Engineering
  6. Department of Geomatics Engineering
  7. Department of Dam and Water Resources Engineering
  8. Department of Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering


  • 8 different¬† department libraries
  • +3000 e-books and audiovisual materials
  • the e-libraray link

Research Resources at Engineering