Aviation Engineering Department

Aviation Engineering Department

Welcome to the Department of Aviation Engineering. We are one of the newest department of the College of Engineering at Salahaddin University-Erbil the ceremony of opening the department were held on 16th of October 2020. The first and second years focus on the maintenance of aircraft at Salahaddin University, while the third and fourth years emphasize the same major in the Royal Jordanian Air Academy

College of Engineering started with the Aviation Engineering Department only in the academic year 2020 in Erbil city of Iraqi Kurdistan, during the same year a total of (33) students were accepted. Aviation Engineering Department offers a four-semester B.Sc. engineering at Salahaddin university and the next four semesters of studies in the Royal Jordanian Air Academy.

All the expenses of the last two years at the Royal Jordanian Air Academy will be upon the student themselves to pay. The Aviation Engineering Department is under construction. We have a small hall near Mechanical Engineering.

A simple explanation about aviation engineering and answering the most common questions.

on Wednesday 17th August 2022 the head of Aviation Engineering department Professor Ayd Akkab with 15 students meet the Assist Professor Dr Kamaran Younis Muhammad Ameen the head of Salahaddin University, with the presence of the head assistant of Salahaddin University for higher education and scientific research, this meeting prepared all the 15 students to travel to the Royal Jordanian Air Academy to continue their academic year there.

As mentioned before the studies at the Royal Jordanian Air Academy will be for two years, and during this period students will only study practical subjects, and students will receive their Bachelor’s certificate from Salahaddin university, and they will receive the certificate of flight from Royal Jordanian Air Academy.

The Royal Jordanian Air Academy was established in 1966 and this university is the first and the largest university for Aviation training in the middle east and Africa (MENA), and the Royal Jordanian Air Academyis approved by the International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO), and according to the europian safety standards was established.

The students went on a scientific trip to the Academy of flight in Sulaymaniyah on March 4th, 2020.

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Welcome from the Head of Department 

Welcome to the Department of Aviation Engineering Website. I encourage our students to browse these pages, where they find detailed information about our undergraduate and graduate educational programs, our faculty members, their research programs, and the broad range of activities underway in the Department.

Aviation Engineering is a new department in Kurdistan/Iraq that will change the world in which we live and work for a better future, hopefully in the near future we can make startup programs for students to make their own projects with the contribution of other students abroad as a shared project.

We strive to be at the forefront of research, to educate our students in core fundamentals, and to engage students with emerging technologies and their applications. Our intention is to keep close interaction between faculty and students at all levels. The education and research missions in our department are enhanced by excellent collaborations with the deanery and all other departments in the College of Engineering.

I hope that you will explore our programs and the research interests of the faculty. We are always interested in new opportunities for collaboration, and new ideas for our talented students.

Prof. Dr. Iyd Eqqab Maree

Head of Aviation Engineering Department



The mission of the Department of Aviation Engineering is to provide quality education to prepare nationally and internationally competitive undergraduate students for a successful career in Aviation engineering; to provide advanced skills and knowledge in Aerodynamic, Engine, and Fuel in sub-areas of Aviation engineering for graduate students; and to provide service to the university, engineering profession, and the public. The objectives are: 1-To ensure that graduates will have a mastery of fundamental knowledge, problem-solving skills, engineering experimental abilities, and capabilities necessary for entering an Aviation engineering career and/or graduate school. 2-To produce graduates that have the knowledge and skills necessary for identifying and assessing design alternatives and the related social, economic, environmental, and public safety impacts. 3-To produce graduates who have verbal and written communication skills necessary for successful professional practice. 4-To prepare graduates to function effectively on teams. 5-To prepare graduates for professional licensure, leadership roles, and life-long learning.



The Department of Aviation Engineering will try to develop internationally prominent educational and research programs in cooperation with our students, to ensure sustainable prosperity and quality of life. The department will also excel in undergraduate and graduate instruction, research in all sub-areas of Aviation engineering in the near future, and service to the public consistently. The Department will make significant contributions to the social development of the region and nation, through our leadership in engineering education.

Academic Staff


Educational profesional program
Aviation Engineering Department
Semester 1 (Fall Semester)
272/1/20 maintenance and Repair of Aircraft and Aircraft engine
No. Subject کۆی کاتژمێر
Total Hours
کاتژمێرلە هەفتەیەک
Theory Practical
1 English 6
2 Engineering mathematics – I 6 6 4
3 Engineering Drawing – 1 6 3 3 4
4 Engineering Physics 6 3 3 4
5 Kurdology 3 3 3
6 Workshop Technology 6 3 3 5
7 Academic Debate 4 4 4
Total 30
Semester 2 ( Spring Semester)
272/1/20 maintenance and Repair of Aircraft and Aircraft engine
No. Subject کۆی کاتژمێر
Total Hours
کاتژمێرلە هەفتەیەک
Theory Practical
1 Ensuring Environmental Safety of Aviation Activities 3
2 Computer Programming 4 2 2 3
3 Aviation fuel and lubricants and environmental aspects of their use 6 3 3 6
4 Electrical engineering and electronics 6 3 3 6
5 Engineering Mechanics 6 3 3 6
6 Thermodynamics and theory of heat engine 6 3 3 6
Total 30
Semester 3
272/1/20 maintenance and Repair of Aircraft and Aircraft engine
No. Subject کۆی کاتژمێر Total Hours کاتژمێرلە هەفتەیەکHours/Week Credit
Theory Practical
1 Aircraft Design and Maintenance 6 3 3 4
2 Aerodynamics and Flight Dynamics 3 3 3
3 Fluid Mechanics 6 6 6
4 Flaw detection and non-destructive methods of control of aircraft and aircraft engine 6 3 3 5
5 Fundamental of Aviation Management 3 3 3
6 History of World Aviation 3 3 3
7 Aviation Security and Flight safety Management System 3 3 3
8 Aircraft Performance 3 3 3
Total 30
Semester 4
272/1/20 maintenance and Repair of Aircraft and Aircraft engine
No. Subject کۆی کاتژمێر
Total Hours
کاتژمێرلە هەفتەیەک
Theory Practical
1 Flight Safety 3 3 3
2 Strength of Materials 5
3 Engineering Mathematics – II 6 6 4
4 Airport Technology Management 3 3 3
5 Airfields 3 3 3
6 Power Devices of Unmanned Aircraft 3 3 3
7 Aircraft Propulsion 3 3 3
8 Aerospace Materials 6 3 3 6
Total 30

Time Tables


First Semester 2022

Second semester 2022

Fourth Semester 2022

Third Semester 2021

Department Facilities

1. Students Halls with Mechanical Department

2. Head of Department office

3. Lecturer Offices

4. Aviation Engineering Laboratory ( Aerodynamic, Engine, Fuel)


Provided below are some resources that fourth year students can use for their final year project: