Software and Informatics Engineering

Software and Informatics Engineering department

Software and Informatics Engineering College of Engineering at Salahaddin University was the first college to estabilsh a computer related academic program in the region. Software and Informatics Engineering which was named as Software Engineering Department started with only 20 students. The number of students gradually increased and now we have over 400 students in the undergraduate program (BSc). In 2002 the department started a high diploma degree, afterwards in 2006 MSc. courses started to be given to MS students. The department is also in the process of taking Phd students. Recently, for the 2017-2018 academic year, SIE department started providing evening classes. Currently over 50 students are enrolled in this program. One of the main departmant’s objectives is to give a hands-on experiance to students. This is done by engaging students in projects and team work to get a real life experiance. Also by providing a good amount of practical experiance beside theoretical material that is given. The department acts as a dynamic research department, drawing skilled researchers from the region and reacting swiftly to the changing technological landscape. Some 15 researchers are currently working within the department, including academic staff, research staff, and research students. A part of these research activities, the department has a well-known annual fair named SEDAF.