A weekly seminar on (False Cognates and Friends between English and Kurdish) by (Rebin Abdulqader Azeez) at English Department

A weekly seminar was presented by (Lecturer Rebin Abdulqader Azeez) at English Department for the teaching staff on Monday 25th of October on (False Cognates and Friends between English and Kurdish). This seminar is for a  recently published research paper entitled as above in International Journal of Social Sciences & Educational Studies-Tishk University (IJSSE), September 2021, Vol.8, No.3. The journal was published for the paper participations in VESAL 11th Conference.

The summary:

Important aspects of the published research paper in VESAL 11th conference (IJSSE) were highlighted. The title is ”False Cognates and Friends between English and Kurdish”. A cognate of a word in one language is a word in another language that has similar form and is or was used with a similar meaning. For instance, the words mother, father and brother have cognates in German language as mutter, vater, and freund. To further overview the topic, words such as ask, ban, cam, cat, dough, freeze, gull, heart, hell, jam, knock, kart, leak, loot, match, mesh, nor, off, pan, rag, root, sat, shoe, ta, tip, wire, well, yard, and zoo are the ones that occur in English language and have their own meaning but in the Kurdish language the same pronunciation give totally distinct meanings. Finally, in a mini workshop implication for the benefit of teaching English to Kurdish students are given practically.

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